Menu - Company

This is the Company related work page, everything that deals with the Company is found here.

Mandatory company (for instance the event producer’s company) information.

Other non-mandatory items.

ORGSU Ltd offers some services to the clients via e-shop.

ORGSU creates a Limited Website for each user as a part of the standard service. This page can be utilised for both testing and a real-world usage – event publishing, athletes registration and results publication.

An Example the ORGSU Limited website.

Upgrading your website – a package of few html applets, ready to work on your website.

Example of how the “on-line results” applet’s settings look like.

The HTML codes are ready for your websites on the 2 bottom lines. These codes are to be entered into the HTML document of your website, as shown below.

Then the applet works on your website – for example the tracking applet, which provides real time athlete tracking using smartphones.

E-shop administration for both general e-shop and E-shop related to the race.

Edit of the particular E-shop items.

List of orders. User can use the filter and find any of the orders from the past, change their status etc.

The meanings of the statuses are explained below in the table.

Event organiser uses the factory list of the sports and has a possibility to add/edit his own sports as well.

The day and month used for the automatic age group proposing can be edited.

Event producer has possibility to add/edit his own legs (disciplines) of the multi-sports.

E-shop configuration allows one to connect the payment gateways, setup your reference numbers numbering, prefix and suffix of the discount codes and much more.

All goods and services sold via e-shop (that is not related to a particular race) bring some earnings which will be divided between partners accordingly. The table of Race business deals brings the business shares of the entry fee, services and goods for all business partners: Event organiser, ORGSU Ltd and other possible partners, for example series organiser.

Business Deal with different partners. The selling of goods and services can be parametrised and shared between partners according to this table.

The race business deal allows to make a deal with any partner company and share the incomes of the entry fee and other services and goods related to the particular race of your event.

The photo gallery creation and upload of files.

The pictures can be offered to your clients via your e-shop. The photo gallery may look on the website like this.

Menu - Event

This is the Event related work page, everything that deals with the Event is found here.

New Event

The Event Organiser can select an event from his own database of Events.

Basic Event parameters.

The system integrates Google Maps so that one can specify the location of the event, related happenings, all the check points and show the race tracks in greater detail.

The race producer may add and edit all division parameters.

Race day settings.

Race day Schedule, there are factory generated items available but these all can be edited or deleted.

Entry Form factory items. The user can select which ones to display and which ones are compulsory to fill in the online registration process.

The user may define his own entry form items, they may be of diferrent formats.

Related Happenings can be used for other events related to the main Event, for example press conference or a meeting.

The main logo of the event and the sponsor's can be uploaded.

The text specification of the whole event. Everything entered here will be published on the internet via Event calendar and Race applets.

Detailed specification of each race.

All starts have their own Title which can be edited and a estimated time of the start can be provided.

Entry Fee settings page

discount codes can be generated and given to selected athletes.

Set of Applets related to the Event.

The online results Applet can perform on your website as shown, if you were interested please visit to see the real functionality of the applet in real life.

Before the user can time a race he must purchase a Timing licence.

Example of how the number of athletes in the race day affects the price of the Timing licence.

Event incomes table summarizes the earnings from the Event.

Event status page shows what has been parametrized and what has not for the Event.

Editing and printing of all documents related to the Event.

Export and import of all data related to the race.

When one opens the import box.

Venue registration page - it serves for searching athletes in the database, adding athletes to the race and editing all entered information.

Registration Table, suitable for view of all entries. The Add Athlete button runs a fast loop for last minute entering of new athletes to the race.

Different columns can be displayed as the user wishes.

The configuration of the pre-registered athletes printout.

The page continues:

It is better to printout the pre-registered athletes table without a header and a footer. The system generates a .pdf file which is easy to print out. The example is sorted by Surname.

The same printout sorted by surname with 100m freestyle PB added.

The assigment of the BIBs is an art to be done before the Event.

The system cn automatically generate BIBs in accordance with different points of view.

Start list Setting, the user may publish the BIBs and/or the payment status here.

This is the Start List Applet on the user's website.

The editor and generator of BIBs and other pamphlets.

It creates a .pdf output which can be used as a BIB or as a pamphlet into transition for example.

Printing out the Start list is a simmilar process to printing the pre-registered athletes list.

The .pdf output of the start list is sorted by the start number by default.

Th configuration of the Timing Check Points

The assignment of the timing points to the race:

Settings of the Track and tracking parameters.

The system supports multiple timing technologies.

This page provides the information about active mobile tracking Applications.

The Z-method input page serves for quick input of athletes' times at a given Check Point.

Technical Times Table

Group Time setting, which is used when multiple athletes require to be assigned the same time.

The user may edit the Technical Times.

If there is a Technical Time captured for a non-existing athlete the time appears in this table:

Printing the preliminary and official results.

This is the page that provides all the printing possibilities. The user can define which columns to display, in what order and more.

And this is the printout of the official results for the race.

The user may export all the data in .xml format if needed.

The Race management page:

The Race Bussines Deals:

The Race Bussines Deal main page:

Photo Gallery settings

Another Photo Gallery photo

Upload of pictures into the Photo Gallery and edit of the pictures.

The Photo Gallery offers a preview of the photos and athlees may also buy the photos from the Event Producer.

Venue Registration Information - each athlete gets one with information about when is his start, BIB...

User can modify all templates for the headers and footers.

If needed the user can have these printouts in different languages as well.

Indemnity and Terms & Conditions, the user may edit all of them and create new ones.

This is the edit of the template:

This is the box where the user can change the company profile and his/her role in the selected company crew.

Menu - Athletes

This is the Athletes related work page, everything that deals with Athletes is found here.

Athlete database sorted by country. No athletes are displayed here due to personal data protection.

Database of vehicles

The detail of a vehicle

Another detail of a vehicle

Database of teams

Import into the athlete database

Loyalty Points, they are earned by the athletes for performing some specific tasks on the Event Producer's website.

Personal data processing approval

Other Important Pages

There are 84 FAQs listed on this page clarifying any mysteries.

25 Handbooks are available to download and learn from them.

These are some screenshots from athletes' point of view:

The Athlete's personal information can be found by the athlete in his/her profile. The Athlete can also search for similar accounts, and if there are any he may ask for having them merged.

Then he/she must fill in the request of merging and submit it to the Event Producer:

Owner of the database (event producer, club, ...) must decide whether or not it is relevant and allow or refuse this merging request:

The administrator opens the request, compares the two accounts and decides:

The merge has happened and the athlete now has all his information in one place.